Sweet Swine County

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    The small towns of the Midwest are built on a pride in community and knowing and helping their neighbors. Visit the featured towns located in each county, here you will find articles about each town, maps showing their location and links to many of their community websites (city, chamber etc.).

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  • County Sponsors

    Businesses and organizations from small towns of the Midwest have long stepped forward to build and serve their community. Here you will find those who have stepped forward to make this website possible. With their support we can now feature all there is to know about each community!

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  • Featured Citizens

    The citizens from our towns for generations have exhibited a pride in community and an enterprising spirit! DST is proud to present the founders, business people, volunteers, entrepreneurs and military personnel who served their community and country. With this ever growing photo library, visitors are able to learn about the contributions made by their citizens!

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  • Featured Businesses

    The businesses of our towns are truly the life-blood of our communities, each through their commitment of time and resources have long provided shopping opportunities and services to their community! Here you will find the businesses located in the towns featured by DST. Each business story shares their history and what you can look forward to finding when you visit them. Also you will find video stories about businesses and points of interest done by their neighbors from the fictional Sweet Swine County.

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  • Points of Interest

    The communities of Southwest WI have a lifestyle unique to their region — rich in history and points of interest like no other! Here DST shares the points of interest that visitors will want to visit located in Southwest WI. Check back soon to see the points of interest featured, or suggest one by hitting the button below!

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  • Festivals, Events and Activities

    The small towns of the Midwest have long shared pride in their communities through festivals, events, and activities! Citizens from each community, working together continue to offer entertainment options that not only appeal to their citizens, but visitors to their community! Here you will find the festivals, events and activities that make this county like no other!

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