Sweet Swine County

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    Businesses and organizations from small towns of the Midwest have long stepped forward to build and serve their community. Here you will find those who have stepped forward to make this website possible. With their support we can now feature all there is to know about each community!

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  • About Sweet Swine County

    Sweet Swine County is located in the center of the Midwest, the exact location is a mystery, it is known its unique shape (the county's shape indeed resembles that of a pig), borders many towns and counties throughout the Midwest. It is also known they have a TV station KLUK TV that does stories about their neighboring counties and their towns. Here you will find all you want to know about the county that no one can find.

  • Featured Towns

    The small towns of the Midwest are built on a pride in community and a comfort in knowing and helping their neighbors. When you visit the town pages below you will find articles and photos about our towns, maps showing where they are located, links to our communities websites, links to our county, region & state pages (on this site) and info about the sponsors who have made these pages possible!

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  • Featured Citizens

    The citizens from our towns for generations have exhibited a pride in community and an enterprising spirit! DST is proud to present the founders, business people, volunteers, and entrepreneurs who have and are serving their community. With this ever growing photo library below, visitors are able to learn about the contributions made by the citizens from our county!

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  • Featured Businesses

    The businesses of our towns are truly the lifeblood of our communities, each through their commitment of time and resources has long provided shopping opportunities and services to their community! Each business story below shares their history and what you can look forward to finding when you visit them. Each business video story is introduced fictional characters from Sweet Swine County to add a bit of humor!

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  • Points of Interest

    The communities of the Midwest have a lifestyle unique to their region — rich in history and points of interest like no other! Here DST shares the points of interest that visitors will want to visit located in the small towns of the Midwest. Click below and you will not only see the points of interest from OUR COUNTY but points of interest in our ENTIRE REGION!

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  • Events and Festivals

    The small towns of the Midwest have long shared pride in their communities through festivals and events! Citizens from each community, working together, continue to offer entertainment options that not only appeal to their citizens, but visitors to their community! Below you will find the festivals and events that make our county/ region like no other!

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  • Faith Community

    Throughout the years the small town churches of the Midwest have not only been an essential part of a town's religious life, but its community life also. They have not only provided a place to worship but have been faithful keepers of service and good works! Below you can learn about the history and the impact each have made to our community!

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  • Featured Farms and Ranches

    Farms and ranches have long been essential to the life lead in the small communities of the Midwest! Through their dedication to family and community they have made a way of life like no other! None more perhaps than the Century farms/ranches and those operated by a second, third, even fourth generation! Below you can learn about the history of those who have made a commitment to the land from our county!

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  • Community Organizations

    Small towns and rural communities throughout the Midwest are looking for ways to strengthen their economies, provide better quality of life, and build on local assets. Below you will find the organizations that stabilize, preserve, and revitalize our county.

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  • Featured Veterans

    Veterans come from many walks of life and they live in both the big and small towns of the Midwest. Whether a veteran has severed two decades ago or two days ago, they have made our freedoms possible. Below you will find those who have served from our county! 

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