Healing Hands Wellness Group

Business in Waseca, MN

Waseca Massage Therapy, Life Coaching and Wellness Education

Total wellness under one roof. We tailor your healing journey using complementary and alternative modalities that include Massage, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Healing Touch, Nutritional Education, Life Coaching, Meditation, and Threading.

Healing Hands Wellness Group was established in 2002 as an evolution of a massage practice started in 1991 by Jane Dunn. The original members are Jane Dunn, Linda Grant, Hua Zhu and Sharon Fruechte. Over the years others have come and gone - the current edition to the original members are Jackie Overland, Anne Byron, Kristin Sjorlie and Barb Harvath.

The current location was purchased in 2005. The building has been dubbed "The Dooley House" to honor Jane Dunn's Aunt Helen Dooley who was the single most influential factor in establishing Healing Hands Wellness Group.

The mission of Healing Hands is to promote life long learning and self responsibility for one's own health. We believe that choices made on a daily basis including mind, body and spirit will create the persons state of health.

Menu of Services and Practitioners

  • MASSAGE – Anne Byron, Jane Dunn, Linda Grant, & Jackie Overland
  • Healing Touch, Jane Dunn, Linda Grant
  • Reflexology – Jane Dunn
  • Reiki – Jane Dunn, Linda Grant, Jackie Overland, Anne Byron,
  • Acupuncture/Acupressure – Hua Zhu
  • Natural Health Education – Hua Zhu
  • Ear Candling – Jane Dunn, Linda Grant, & Jackie Overland
  • Life Coaching – Kristin Sjolie
  • Threading with Barb Harvath. Threading is an ancient Chinese technique of hair removal. It is the best alternative to waxing and tweezing especially for sensitive skin. Can be used on the entire face especially shaping the eyebrows, upper lip and chin. Can also be used on the arms and legs.
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Healing Hands Wellness Group

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