Hoffmann Stables Equine Reproduction Center

Business in Preston, MN

Equine Reproduction Center

Hoffmann Stables is a complete breeding facility for all breeds of horses. Services include:

  • Artificial insemination
  • Excellent mare and stallion care
  • In-house vet
  • Ultrasounding
  • Semen evaluation
  • Semen collection and shipping
  • Freezing, storing and shipping of frozen semen

Mare Owner Services:

  • Foal out mares
  • Breed mares to stallions standing at farm
  • Breed mares by shipped semen from stallions standing at other farms
  • Breed mares with frozen semen
  • Ship semen to mares from stallions standing at farm, or local stallions that we collect and ship on
  • Pregnancy check mares
  • Culture and treat infections

Stallion Owner Services:

  • Fertility exams
  • Semen evaluations
  • Collect semen from the stallions
  • Ship and freeze semen
  • Take cultures and treat accordingly
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Hoffmann Stables Equine Reproduction Center

Fillmore County, MN

Fillmore County, MN

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