Kay's Processing

Business in Clara City, MN

Kay's Processing, LLC is solely owned by Massoud and Ann Kazemzadeh. It was established to manufacture great-tasting, healthy snack foods for an increasingly health conscious consumer market. Its clientele includes its original parent company, various natural and organic specialty food companies, and several Fortune 500 customers.

Kay's Processing also provides branded ingredients with specific nutritional profiles to other food manufacturers based on its various patents. It offers its product development services and contract manufacturing capabilities, including licensing of proprietary processes and private label versions of Kay's Processing finished products to other food marketers. Potential customers include major nutraceutical companies and Fortune 500 snack and cereal companies which intend to launch more nutritional products into the market.

Kay's Processing believes that these products and services are complementary and make the best possible use of the company's assets, which include:

An organic-certified Kosher manufacturing facility that serves as a research and development pilot plant, yet has the capacity to manufacture large quantities of "better-for-you" snacks and foods, in accordance with Codex Alimentarius and HAACP requirements.

Proven experience and reputation throughout the food, and food capital goods industries, of Massoud Kazemzadeh, Ph.D., world-renowned food development and manufacturing expert.

Several patented and patent pending processes for manufacturing methods that provide a significant obstacle for competitors attempting to duplicate the company's unique products and processes. Dr. Kazemzadeh continues to apply for new patents as new concepts are developed. Although these patents are under Dr. Kazemzadeh's name, their main purpose is to attract companies interested in the above mentioned concepts, processes and products, to develop such products to fit into their given market, and ultimately to begin production within this facility.

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Kay's Processing

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