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We opened the doors at KISST Organics April 28, 2009, as a manufacturer and retailer for our skin care and cosmetics line. As needs in our community have changed, so has our focus. We began adding holistic alternatives to our in-store line eventually moving into a complete health food store. In 2014 Dave added a small firearm division and KISST Organics became a Licensed 01 FFL/03 SOT Firearm Dealer.

We have combined these two unlikely entities to bring you options for obtaining your best health and providing safety for you and your entire family.

How it all started.......

As the story often goes, a person takes charge of the wheels of change when they have been personally affected (generally in a negative way). This basically is how KISST Organics came into existence as well. Veronica Phelps (owner & founder) became adamantly involved in making a change to educate people about the adverse chemical effects of the toxins infused into most personal care products and even our food upon developing severe health problems. One of the steps that she went through in chemical detoxification was thorough examination of food and personal care product labels. Veronica found it shocking that every single personal care product contained artificial and controversial ingredients, even many of the so-called food items contain plastics that absorb into our internal organs! Ultimately, this was the deciding factor in developing the KISST Organics line of products! Our products are hand made/hand packaged, created in small batches with the finest quality natural and organic ingredients comparing in effectiveness with leading dermatological brands but without the chemical and toxic burden. They are designed to work with your skins natural functions for all skin types from normal to problematic.

Ongoing Commitment....

As a Certified Master Herbalist, Certified Master of Holistic Healing with over 16 years experience, Veronica helps you achieve balanced health of mind, body & spirit. Aside from trauma, God designed your body to heal itself when given the right tools! The key roles in overall health include: Personal hygiene, nutritional balance, physical, spiritual and mental health, the ongoing avoidance of chemicals and of course personal safety.

The ultimate and complete health and safety of you & your family is our top priority. With that in mind we also address personal safety in the sale of firearms. We can teach you how to use/maintain items safely and direct you to concealed carry classes and other opportunities afforded to our area.

We are family, male, female, law enforcement and military friendly!

Last but certainly not least, our name:

KISST stands for Keep It Simple, Safe & TRUE.

Our whole philosophy is to offer you the freedoms ordained by God and government as written in the American Constitution to help you reach and maintain optimum health and well being!

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Kisst Organics

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