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From record players in 1977 to retina displays now, Sound and Service has been a staple in the audio visual industry in Carroll for over 40 years.. From the very beginning with Jacki Montgomery’s Mom (Pat) who started the store to now days, this incredible Mother Daughter duo have had a big passion to help people experience the excitement of music and the amazing experience of television. And though the industry has changed dramatically from year to year, some how Sound and Service has figured out a way to get the very latest and best equipment the industry has to offer.

Ever since Jacki Montgomery was a little girl, she was around music. It began as a pure joy of listening as a child to growing up around her Mom Pat who played music throughout the household, and the rest was history. Jackie grew that passion of music into a full time music teaching career at the high school level. She’s been teaching people music so long, she even taught me when I was in high school. And each step of the way, she watched her Mom growing the business at Sound and Service. Throughout that time Jacki was always close to her Mom, and the unthinkable happened in February of 2000, Jacki’s Mom Pat passed away. Not only was it extremely hard for Jacki, but also at the same time, she had to make a decision about this long time family business. Should she continue as a teacher, or should she take a leap of faith and continue her family’s legacy. After some time and much thought, Jacki turned to the family business. It was an interesting transition for Jacki as she was always around music and television, but now it was more about the equipment, rather then music. I remember often times coming in and hearing music blasting throughout the store. It could possibly be Jacki’s way of still enjoying her passion of music during the process of transitioning. Jacki took her God given talent of playing tons of instruments and teaching and applied it towards equipment that would reproduce the sounds she so dearly loved.

And now when you walk into Sound and Service in Carroll, you know you’re where the experts live. That being a company that really knows the business. A large majority of their time is spent in the research and development face of the newest, latest greatest equipment. If you ask Jacki how she is still excited about Sound and Service after all these years, she would tell you: “Helping people”. She told the Graphic that; “Helping people understand and use technology to enhance their lives.”

I like to think of it as a “Jacki stamp”. Meaning that if it is a product that perfectly reproduces an orchestra, or your favorite rock band, it’s probably safe to say that Jacki would also approve. But if it’s anything less then perfect, you’d never see Jacki endorsing it or selling it.


Sound and Service is constantly re-inventing itself. In a business climate where many businesses are reeling everything in, Jacki continues to best represent the audio visual industry. So much in fact that Sound and Service recently remodeled the outside of the store to give it more of a rustic look. We asked Jacki why she decided to do a face lift on the store.

She told us that: “It was an idea to draw more attention to the business, plus it was done to enhance the structure of the building, and lastly, we did it because is was going to be more fun. If you’ve met Jacki then you already know that “fun” is an important aspect in the daily operations of Sound and Service. Her attitude is very contagious as she often jokes around with customers, as well as with her staff. There are many eyes rolling in the business on a daily basis.

What it really boils down to for Jacki is the experience. That being the experience of listening to a perfectly installed stereo system installed in your home or car, or being swept away by watching a movie with a complete surround sound system in your living room.


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Carroll County, IA

Carroll County, IA

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