The Alley Exchange

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THE ALLEY EXCHANGE is an exciting new development for a public marketplace, located in historic downtown Pierre, South Dakota. With 8,000 square feet of Main Floor area, we are offering permanent retail opportunities ideal for small business owners or larger retailers looking for a satellite location to assist in the sale of goods. Housing over 30 vendors under one roof will provide a unique opportunity to expand choices for consumers, while offering low risk opportunities for local artisans and micro businesses. Our mixed vendor marketplace creates "A Different Way to Shop" allowing consumers to find eclectic and one of a kind goods in a one-stop-shop.


While visiting Milwaukee last year, Mark and Glennis Zarecky of Midwest Construction & Development, came across the Milwaukee Public Market in downtown Milwaukee. It was housed in what had been an old railroad building but it now has a modern, bright look with an open marketplace use. The shopping experience was unique, with a large variety of specialty boutiques that felt like a bazaar atmosphere. They fell in love with the concept instantly.

Having purchased the old Ace Hardware building on Main Street in Pierre, SD the previous year, they thought that the building was perfectly suited to do a similar project, on a smaller scale. The vendors at The Milwaukee Public Market included several quick meal options to stay in or take out; along with gourmet foods, meats, wines and seafood.

What they really loved were the great specialty shops catering to the shoppers including home decor, a florist and gift shops. A great aspect of this business concept is that by sharing space, small vendors who would normally not be able to afford their own retail shop, can now rent from 100 - 500 sq. ft. of real-estate and be a part of a bigger retail experience


Designed with an industrial, but modern theme, THE ALLEY EXCHANGE will provide an urban atmosphere and a unique shopping experience for the retailer, as well as the shopper. Vendors will have their own retail footprint to house their merchandise. The interior layout will offer flexible square footage, so as the vendor's business needs evolve, the building will be designed to evolve with them.

The walking shopper will be encouraged to use THE ALLEY EXCHANGE as the gateway to downtown Pierre, leading from the rear parking lot to Pierre Street and back again. Both ends of the building will provide a main entrance. As the shopper walks through "The Alley"; they will stop along the way to enjoy the community market experience within.


THE ALLEY EXCHANGE is a vibrant gathering of like-minded vendors who will thrive on showcasing unique and one-of-a-kind products and merchandise. We want merchants to be a part of creating one of the hottest destinations for design, style and culinary specialties in Central South Dakota. Successful public markets thrive on the variety that they offer all under one roof.

THE ALLEY EXCHANGE vendors and artisans could specialize in the following (but not limited to)...

  • Pottery
  • Women's • Men's Fashion
  • Tea • Coffee
  • Greeting Cards • Stationary
  • Soaps • Lotions
  • Jewelry
  • Handbags
  • Oils • Spices • Seasonings
  • Candles
  • Home Goods
  • Metal Art
  • Children's Accessories
  • Sauces • Meat Rubs • Salsas
  • Specialty Wine • Beer
  • Chocolates • Candy
  • Bakery
  • Sculpture
  • Paintings
  • Accessories
  • Meat • Fish Market
  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • Candles
  • Florist
  • Woodwork

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The Alley Exchange

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