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The old triangle is usually associated with the song in Brendan Behan’s play, “The Quare Fellow”. But in ancient times a triad or grouping of three was considered the symbol of good luck, it symbolized the eternal cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth, and the realms of Air, Earth and Sea, which to the ancient Celts, represented the entire universe.

In more modern Christian times, the grouping of three was believed to be a symbol of the holy trinity, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. In fact, many cultures and religions have considered the number three to be Holy or divine for thousands of years. A symbol of three interlocking circles, looking somewhat like a three-leaf clover without a stem has been found on religious statues in India that were made over 5000 years ago.

We chose the “Olde Triangle" for a name and the Triquetra symbol, (pronounced try-ket-ra, Latin for “three cornered”) a Celtic knot with a triangular design, also known as the Trinity Knot, said to symbolize all trinities, for our pub logo because it symbolizes, for us anyway, the three most important things for a good life, Friendship, Food and Drink.

The parallels are really quite endless, from ancient times to the present. The shamrock’s three leaves, the dinner bell, the fig leaf covering Adam and Eve’s triad and triangular nether regions. We can’t forget to mention the, true holy trinity for a good Irishman, Whisky, Wine and Beer, and the three ingredients present at any special occasion, Food for the body, Drink for the spirit and Music for the soul. Even within these three ingredients, the triad exists, Food; meat, potato and vegetable, Drink; once again, (forgive the Irishness) whisky wine and beer, and Music; the triad of three harmonizing notes that make up a chord.

You’ll be hard pressed to go away after reading this bit of wit, wisdom or fantasy, without noticing this triangular or triad pattern everywhere you look.

Our goal here at “The Olde Triangle Pub", is to make sure you find your own triad within these walls. Be it singing talking and merriment, or just good friends, good food and good drink.

“May our pub always be too small to hold all of our friends”

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The Olde Triangle Pub

Wabasha County, MN

Wabasha County, MN

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