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Adrian, MN

Our congregation exists to glorify God. We seek to honor our Savior by encouraging our members to participate daily in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We maintain a strong commitment to Bible exposition, traditional dispensationalism, conservative evangelical theology, and Christian fellowship. Our families are encouraged to study and teach the Bible in their homes through personal and family devotions.As a congregation, we are committed to intergenerational ministry. Age appropriate teaching is available for teens and children but these classes emphasize the need for the older generation to teach the younger generation (Titus 2:1-8). Discipleship (Christian mentoring) is a core philosophy for our ministry. Our congregation is committed to the use of conservative hymnody and Gospel songs during all worship services. Some modern music is incorporated in our services but we purposefully avoid the use of Contemporary Christian Music. Drama, liturgical dance, and other popular forms of physical expression in worship are strongly discouraged in our congregation. Our congregation views the worship of God as a serious matter that deserves reverence. As such, we encourage our members to dress respectfully when worshiping as a congregation. Most of our members wear business casual attire (colored shirt and Dockers for men) and the pastor often wears a shirt and tie. You are welcome to come dressed in any way that makes you feel comfortable and no one in the congregation will notice or care. In all services, the Bible is referenced regularly. Pastor preaches from the updated NASB and some of our teachers prefer the ESV. Some of our members continue to prefer the KJV. You are encouraged to bring your own Bible or one will be made available for you to use. All of our congregational readings are included in our weekly bulletin.

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Nobles County, MN

Nobles County, MN

Visit our county page and you will find information about our town and county's points of interest, festivals/events and faith community. You also will find stories about the contributions made by farmers/ranchers located throughout our county and of course you will learn about the community organizations that have built and continue to build strong communities (chambers, community groups, and departments, etc) and much more when you visit the Nobles County, MN page.