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Boone, IA

Our Lutheran Church brings Jesus Christ and His Word to people in the 21st Century, to you and to me. Life is Jesus Christ and the wonderful forgiveness and salvation that we have because of His obedience, His death upon Calvary’s cross, and His resurrection. Life is Jesus Christ with forgiveness and salvation here and with heaven and eternal life to come.

We are Trinity Lutheran Church and School. The members of Trinity Lutheran are your neighbors, your co-workers, and the kids your children play with at school and at home. We are people who face the same world you do each day, but we face it with faith in Jesus Christ. The life we live we live by faith, faith in the Son of God who loved us and gave Himself for us.

We want you to enjoy the wonderful blessing of knowing Jesus Christ as your Savior and enjoying the new life that He gives you with forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life. We invite you to become a part of our Trinity Lutheran Church family.

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Boone County, IA

Boone County, IA

Visit our county page and you will find information about our town and county's points of interest, festivals/events and faith community. You also will find stories about the contributions made by farmers/ranchers located throughout our county and of course you will learn about the community organizations that have built and continue to build strong communities (chambers, community groups, and departments, etc) and much more when you visit the Boone County, IA page.