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Decorah, IA

Grace Episcopal Church - Decorah exists to serve God and people in our world with deep roots to the ancient Anglican tradition and embodying Christ's love in the present as Episcopalians. With our founding in 1868, we have a deep commitment to minister in the name of Christ to those in need, to those seeking God's presence in their lives, and to those who live out their Christian faith as Episcopalians. Much latitude for individual conscience is allowed, but uniformity of worship is retained. As a result, the Episcopal Church today is understood to be a place of inclusivity.

If you find yourself pondering some of life's bigger questions, or perhaps you're looking for a place where you can engage your mind, heart, and soul while seeking a relationship with God.

We invite all to join us: those who would like to join us regularly, and those just passing through. Grace Episcopal Church welcomes and invites you to become a part of this portion of the Body of Christ.

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506 W Broadway St
Decorah, IA 52101

Winneshiek County, IA

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