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As a local body of believers, we will seek to glorify God in worship, in evangelizing the unsaved and in teaching Christians to obey everything Christ commanded. To that end, prayer will be our foremost task,
Scripture will be our authority, God’s Holy Spirit will be our source of power, and love will be our motivation.

Our church began in December of 1960 when a small group of seventeen charter members decided to form the Waseca Evangelical Free Church. Less than two years later they had a building and were ministering to the community. Within their first ten years, they had sent out a missionary to serve overseas and began an AWANA program to minister to the children in Waseca that still exists today. The church continued to grow, and in 1990 a youth pastor was hired. In the following years, both an Associate Pastor and a Worship Arts Director were added to the staff.

By this time every available corner of space was being used for ministry including the former parsonage and even the parsonage garage. It was decided a new building with a better layout would be needed to continue to facilitate our growth. In 2004 our church relocated to its current location and the name was changed to Christ Community Church. The new campus has been a wonderful blessing that has allowed us to touch the lives of many people. Some of our most important ministry is to the children and youth of the community. To further facilitate this ministry, we added on to the church in 2012 giving us more Sunday School rooms, a youth area for Junior and Senior High, and a gymnasium.

By God’s grace our church continues to be a place for people in the community to grow in their faith. Beyond those who attend our church regularly are many whose lives are touched through ministries like Celebrate the Gift, 20/20, Club 180, AWANA and many others. We are excited for the chapters that are yet to be written and the many more lives we trust will be impacted as God continues to work in and through our church to reach Waseca, the surrounding area, and the world.

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Waseca County, MN

Waseca County, MN

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