Atkinson, NE

Town in Holt County, NE

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About Atkinson, NE

Atkinson is located in Holt County, which is in the north central part of Nebraska. Atkinson lies in a Valley near the north bank of the Elkhorn River, and U.S. Highway 20 and State Highway 11 intersect there, making the city a thoroughfare for many in-state, as well as out-of-state travelers.

The cultural community of Atkinson is a mixture of the people living in and near town, as well as many families living on outlying farms and ranches.

Our City government includes an elected mayor and city council. Even though we are a small town, we have a robust health care community including a full service hospital, medical clinic, lab, pharmacy, dental clinic, eye care clinic and chiropractic care. We also have an independent living facility, an assisted living facility and a long-term care nursing home. The Atkinson Rescue Squad is comprised of 23 Emergency Medical Technicians and 5 Paramedics, who operate 3 certified ambulances which are owned the Fire District. The Atkinson Volunteer Fire Department has advanced fire fighting capabilities, which are fueled by highly committed and well-trained volunteers. It has over 39 members and covers not only the city of Atkinson, but the surrounding rural areas as well.

Our community features a new public school campus which includes all grade levels from pre-school through senior high. Enrollment is currently over 350 students. Atkinson also has a parochial school available which is associated with St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

The Atkinson Community Center is a 10,500 square foot facility that is home to many events from antique shows, gun shows and auctions of all kinds, to wedding receptions, family reunions, and the post-prom party. We also can boast of a brand new library, a golf course and a public swimming pool.

We still enjoy the benefit of a weekly newspaper, the Atkinson Graphic, and several area radio stations provide personalized programming benefiting the area.

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Holt County, NE

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