Monticello, IA

Town in Jones County, IA

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About Monticello, IA

Welcome to Monticello, Iowa. Monticello is located approximately thirty minutes from the communities of Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, both being easily accessible by travel on four-lane US Highway 151. If you can’t find what you need in one of Monticello’s many shops and businesses you won’t have to travel far to find what you need.

While Monticello is a small community, approximately 4000 people living in the City Limits and 8000 people with a Monticello address, most of your needs can be met without leaving town. Monticello is home to purveyors of healthcare, pharmacies, groceries, furniture, hardware, appliances, electronics, jewelry, clothing, sporting goods, computer repair and supply, lumber and building supplies, gifts and home accessories, automobile sales and repair and many more.

You can not only live in Monticello, you can work here as well. Monticello is home to approximately fourteen industries employing hundreds of residents and non-residents. From plastic injection molding, hydraulics, steel building manufacturing, to custom sewing and design, our industries can provide all levels of employment, from manufacturing to engineering. Our local industries are served by and take advantage of the Regional Airport.

Natural beauty is abundant. Whether touring Riverside Gardens, Canoeing the Maquoketa River, hiking at Pictured Rocks parks, or biking in and around the community, Monticello’s recreational opportunities are abundant.

In the last ten years Monticello has seen the reconstruction of many major streets, the construction of a new aquatic center, the completion of a new all weather track, the Monticello Public Library and Renaissance Center, and the Monticello Sports Complex, a partnership between the City of Monticello and the Monticello Community School District. Monticello has been and will continue to be progressive minded while keeping the tax rate, which has dropped for four years, straight in check.

As always, we see near 100,000 visitors per year during the “The Great Jones County Fair and Food Fest“ high-end entertainment, great food, exhibits, and many opportunities to observe and take in all of the 4-H activities, animals and exhibits. Weather permitting, which has been against us the last few years, one can watch horse racing, stock car racing, and a demolition derby.

In addition to the fair, Monticello is also known by many for the Walnut Acres Campground and Camp Courageous; both bringing numerous visitors to the community each and every year.

Businesses of Monticello, IA

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Jones County, IA

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