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A & E Construction Supply has sold and serviced wheel trenchers and plows for over 40 years. We are a family owned and operated business located in Mankato, MN. The Wolfe Man Wheel Trenchers and Wolfe Plows are manufactured by Wolfe Heavy Equipment in Strathroy, Ontario. Our companies work together to provide our customers with the best machines on the market along with outstanding customer service. The versatility of our product lines allow us to provide machines to fit the needs of the contractor. We have machines working in farm drainage, oil, gas, & water pipeline installation, as well as installing fiber optics, windmill lines, and other underground utilities.

There are 4 models of the Wolfe Man Wheel Trencer; 7 ft, 8 ft, 8 ft Wide-Cut, & 8 ft Extreme Duty. The wheel trenchers are high horse power and all hydraulic. They are increase production to four times over excavators. Current customers report an average of 10,000+ ft per day in normal digging conditions.

The Wolfe Plow models include the Parallel Link, Cantilever, Double Link, & Heavy Duty. These hard working and dependable machines are high horse power with heavy duty tracks designed to plow 6 ft, 7ft, & 8 ft deep.

We have a full inventory of parts and we use interchangeable CAT components to readily support customer needs. A full-time service technician is available for consulation and field work.

A & E Construction Supply also sells Eager Beaver Trailers, which provide a high quality trailer for hauling equipment. We are continually looking to expand our products lines in order to support the construction and field drainage industries.

Please contact us for more information about our products that are available to buy or lease.

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A & E Construction Supply

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410 N 5th Ave
Truman, MN 56088

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