The Smoking Swine

Business in New Pork

The most extravagant luxury cigar club in Sweet Swine County, well OK the only cigar club in Sweet Swine is located in the town of New Pork! Known to be a luxury hideaway for the cigar lovers, featuring a classy and lavish interior design. Many of Sweet Swine's finest frequent the prestigious club including Cousin John, Sweet Swine's most eligible bachelor, Lawyer Ed, Sweet Swine's only lawyer and Ronny P Silage, farmhand & PU poet laureate! Click on the gallery tab to see pictures of the club were those in the know gather and pictures of Lawyer Ed & Cousin John enjoying a cigar! Again "The Smoking Swine" is located in the town of New Pork, the county of Sweet Swine. For directions stop by Our Story Studios 103 W 1st St Fairmont MN. they will make sure you get there!

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Sweet Swine County

Sweet Swine County

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