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Why become a Friend of the Chamber?

Why do I want to pay $25.00 to become a Friend of the Chamber?

Becoming a member is about you showing your support for the community that you live in -- showing support for the activities you participate in and having a voice in an organization dedicated to the betterment of Parkersburg. Your donation helps fund the Parkersburg Queen Contest,

Parkersburg Fun Days, Easter Egg Hunt, Santa Sacks and many other events in Parkersburg.

What do I get out of it?

When you become a Friend of the Chamber it is not about what you are getting in return. It is about helping an organization that wants what's best for Parkersburg. There are some perks which include $5.00 off a booth for both Cabin Fever Cure and Fall Frenzy Craft Shows. Friends of the Chamber are also invited to all the member meetings each month where you can voice your opinion or join a committee planning a special event.

So what's the difference between Friends of the Chamber and being a Business Chamber member?

Business chamber members, which include home based business members, receive marketing and promotional perks for being chamber members. Their membership is based on promoting their business, which is what chamber is all about! Friends of the Chamber do not receive promotional or marketing perks. Their membership allows them to come to meetings and be involved. Friends of the Chamber members may not have a business but still want to be involved in a fun organization in Parkersburg.

Yes! This is exactly what I have been looking for. How do I sign up?

You can email for an application. If email is not your thing, our all member meetings are always the last Tuesday of the month at Todd's Neighboorhood Grill. If you want to join sooner than that, you can contact via Facebook messenger to make arrangements to get an application.

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Butler County, IA

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