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The Big Iron Classic is held each fall the first weekend after labor day in Kasson, MN. The event is usually the first weekend in September. Some of the best looking trucks and trailers in the country make the pilgrimage to this small Midwestern town. The Big Iron Classic is the Midwest's largest "Working Class" truck show and one of the local area's largest charity contributors of toys.

There is no charge to the public for any events except the truck pull. However, we encourage you to show your appreciation and support for our event by contributing a toy or two in one of the collection boxes.

Saturday there is a "Parade Of Big Rigs" through the town of Mantorville. Mantorville is located a mile North of Kasson where the Big Iron Classic is held. The parade travels to Byron and arrives in Mantorville around 3:30pm.

Friday night beginning at dusk, all the big rigs run their lights creating a stunning multicolored light show. The light show runs for a couple of hours and is a sight to see. This event is open to the public.

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