Blooming Prairie, MN - First Baptist Church

Blooming Prairie, MN

First Baptist Church has worshiped in this community for almost 150 years.We are an Independent Baptist Church with a heart to serve the communities in which the Lord has placed our members. It is the sincere desire of First Baptist Church to accomplish the dual purpose of our assembly; which is to provide a clear Salvation message calling all to repentance and acceptance of the gift of God through Christ, and also to edify the believers by encouraging each to continuously develop their relationship with God as we become conformed to the image of Jesus. We believe that we are a family and as such have a primary responsibility to bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. We are a balanced multi-generational membership and strive to meet the special needs of each age group, while encouraging cross-generational contact and relationships through our ministries. We invite you to come and experience for yourself the ministries and friendly fellowship of First Baptist Church.

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Steele County, MN

Steele County, MN

Visit our county page and you will find information about our town and county's points of interest, festivals/events and faith community. You also will find stories about the contributions made by farmers/ranchers located throughout our county and of course you will learn about the community organizations that have built and continue to build strong communities (chambers, community groups, and departments, etc) and much more when you visit the Steele County, MN page.