Keith Leslie Wilson (KIA)

Veteran from Marathon, IA

Keith Leslie Wilson was born on July 26, 1942. According to our records Iowa was Wilson's home or enlistment state. Furthermore, we have Marathon listed as the city and Buena Vista County included within the archival record.


Keith Leslie Wilson had enlisted in the Army. Entered via Regular Military. Served during the Vietnam War. Start of tour or enlistment date was July 24, 1968. Wilson had the rank of Sergeant. Occupation or specialty was Light Weapons Infantry. Service number was 17570904. Served with 5th Infantry Division, 1st Battalion, 11th Infantry, D Company.CASUALTY CIRCUMSTANCES

Wilson experienced a traumatic event which resulted in loss of life on August 31, 1968. Recorded circumstances attributed to: "Died through hostile action, small arms fire". Incident location: South Vietnam, Quang Tri province.

Map and Info

Marathon, IA 50565

Buena Vista County, IA

Buena Vista County, IA

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