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Since the founding of our country men and women from small towns of the Midwest have stepped forward to build and serve their community.

Destination Small Town has made it their mission to provide an ever growing library of the small towns and the counties we call home!

Here you will find Town Pages featuring businesses and points of interest that you will want to visit and County Pages spotlighting the founders, business people, volunteers, entrepreneurs and military personnel who served their community and country.

Town of the Month Jamesport MO


Jamesport has the largest Amish community in the state of Missouri. Step back in time and join them in their, nature-friendly paradise. Tour Jamesport’s Town and Country shops and activities that cater to guests wanting to return to days gone by. Today Jamesport is a tourist destination that features a nostalgic slice of our gentler past and a glimpse into the Amish life style. The post office called Jamesport has been in operation since 1857. The community’s name honors two first settlers with the given name James, namely James Gillilan and James Allen. If you wish to learn more about this town and their county's points of interest, citizens, business community, events and activities or the sponsors who made their town and county page possible, visit their town page http://www.jamesportmissouri.i...

Sights from the road

The interesting, the peculiar, the funky! We've seen it all on the road. Here is where we share it all.

New Favorite Town Name in Nebraska:

While scouting for the most interesting small towns and businesses in Nebraska we ran across the town of Funk (population 194). We will be doing more research to learn the origin of their name!

Funk Ne

Some of our viewers favorite stories

Here you will find a selection of some of this months most viewed video stories produced by DST. To add a bit of fun each story is introduced by a character (played by one of our volunteers) who appears on our television show!

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Our Story Productions

In 2007 a small group of business owners and citizens from the town of “Fairmont MN” formed the multimedia company, Our Story Productions.

With a goal to share the life lead in their community, their first project was the television show “Destination Small Town” To draw attention to their television show and to increase their web presence the decision was made to develop talk shows produced by a fictional television station (KLUK TV) located in the fictional Sweet Swine County. While viewers were entertained by the zany antics of the talk shows, KLUK TV reporters and Sweet Swine County citizens would report in with real stories about businesses and points of interest from their community. After airing their show on cable & public access television in Southern Minnesota and on their website businesses from their neighboring towns and counties begin to contact them to see if they would do stories about their communities! To make this happen additional business people and citizens stepped forward to volunteer and now with over 60 volunteers and a staff of four OSP produces the TV show “Destination Small Town” and websites, YouTube, Facebook and Pintrest pages share all aspects of the life lead in over 900 small towns, in eight states of the Midwest!

The shows of KLUK TV have long dominated the airways of Sweet Swine County. Now you can binge watch all the episodes of your favorite KLUK TV shows. Cousin John, owner of KLUK TV was quoted as saying: “If Netflix can do it, we can too!”